3 Plastic-Free Beauty Buys for Plastic Free July

Millions of animals are killed by plastics every year, from birds to fish to other marine organisms. Nearly 700 species, including endangered ones, are known to have been affected by plastics. Nearly every species of seabird eats plastics.

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Did you know that every year 8 million tons of plastic waste makes its way into our oceans? Plastic pollution doesn’t just harm animals. Humans are drinking and breathing in microplastics. Recycling plastic is one way to help. But most plastic doesn’t get recycled, including the plastic that was collected for recycling. You can also help by purchasing plastic-free.

Plastic Free July is a global initiative that encourages people to buy plastic-free in order to reduce plastic pollution. Search #PlasticFreeJuly on any social media platform and you will find a wealth of information and tips.

Here are 3 plastic-free beauty products that are in my vanity right now.

1. Ethique Botanica Deodorant

Ethique Botanica ($13.00) was the first review posted on Beauty and the Planet. Ethique checks all the sustainability boxes. Ethique is carbon neutral, cruelty free, ethically sourced, B Corp certified, and plastic-free. In fact, all packaging can be composted in your own backyard. Many brands claim to be waste-free because their packaging is recyclable. Ethique Botanica truly is waste-free.

2. Āether Beauty Summer Solstice Palette

I looooove this palette. Āether Beauty Summer Solstice palette ($58.00) is the perfect warm nude palette. With 12 shadows, there are so many looks to try. The shadows come in recyclable aluminum pans housed in a sturdy cardboard box (which is also recyclable). Watch for a review later this summer.

3. Atolla Personal Serum

Atolla creates a personal serum ($45.00) just for you based on your skin concerns, pH, and level of oiliness. It comes in a glass bottle with a glass dropper. Everything except the rubber top of the dropper is recyclable. Even the skin testing strips can be recycled. I received this as a PR gift.

Honorable Mentions

The next 3 items are not entirely plastic-free. However, all 3 brands are making efforts to reduce plastic dependence and I feel comfortable supporting them.

4. ILIA Beauty Limitless Lash Mascara

ILIA Beauty Limitless Lash Mascara ($28.00) is the first makeup product reviewed on Beauty and the Planet. The tube is made from recycled aluminum. It does include a plastic insert but still has significantly less plastic than most other mascaras.

5. Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer

Another product reviewed on Beauty and the Planet, Alpyn Melt Moisturizer ($60.00) is my current daytime moisturizer. It comes in a glass jar with a plastic lid. As reported in WWD, Alpyn Beauty has partnered with rePurpose Global to become plastic neutral: “rePurpose Global estimates the amount of plastic produced by Alpyn, then provides an estimate of how much it costs to remove an equivalent amount from the ocean, at the rate of $0.25 per pound, which Alpyn then donates to the efforts.”

6. Tata Harper Crème Riche

Tata Harper Crème Riche ($195.00) has not yet been reviewed on Beauty and the Planet but will be. It is my current nighttime moisturizer. The Crème Riche moisturizer also comes in glass jar. The lid is plastic with an aluminum overshell.

More Plastic-Free Beauty

These are just the plastic-free and low-plastic beauty items in my vanity right now. RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover Up ($36.00) comes in a glass jar with a metal lid. It is my favorite concealer, but I am using a different concealer at the moment. There are also several plastic-free brands that I am eager to try, including Kjaer Weis, Meow Meow Tweet, Elate Beauty, and Antonym Cosmetics.

What plastic-free products do you love? Please share in the comments. I love getting recommendations from other green beauty lovers.

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