Sustainable Beauty Roundup: October 2020

Sustainable Beauty October 2020

A round up of the best sustainable beauty blog posts, videos and podcasts from October 2020

Blog Posts

In “5 Budget Green Beauty Picks,” Molly at Maison Pur once again proves green beauty doesn’t have to be expensive.

Drier weather, drier hands? No problem! The Green Beauty Junkie shares her favorite “Hand Creams In Green Beauty from Kahina, Osea, Henne, Juice Beauty and 100% Pure!”

Do you have a holy grail hair conditioner? The ecoLogical has one. Read about it in her “Rahua Conditioner Review.

A Little Rose Dust highlights 4 “Refillable Makeup Brands to Reduce Waste“.

In “How Big Cosmetic Brands Are Joining Forces To Reduce Waste, discusses the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics (SPICE), a sustaibability tool for brands that was co-founded by L’Oréal.

Hello Glow has “6 Ways to Make Your Own Exfoliating Cleansing Grains.

Fresh Beauty Fix explains the difference between chemical and physical exfoliator and recommends products in “Chemical and Physical Exfoliators: Pros and Cons.

My Green Closet asks “Is your Makeup Actually Cruelty Free? Beauty Brands who use Ethical Mica.”

Just in case you missed it, here is my post about the new and improved “Sustainable Hair Care Brands” list.

I also wrote about using waterless beauty in a post titled “Waterless Beauty: A Guide for Beginners.”

Videos and Podcasts

Kim Roxie, founder of Lamik Beauty, and makeup artist Sammie Kolk join Green Beauty Conversations to discuss the future of green beauty in “Can Green Makeup Go Mainstream? A Panel Discussion.

Vegan Beauty Girl asks “Greenwashing OR Positive Change? L’Oreal, Terracylce + Elvive.” She is happy with L’Oréal‘s recycling efforts but feels most of their sustainability claims are greenwashing.

In “Credo Beauty is now at Ulta” Reagan Hart shares her favorite Credo products that you can now get at Ulta.

Learn about “Creating A Green Beauty Brand With H Is For Love” in the Maison Pur podcatst’s interview of Bee Simonds, founder of H Is For Love.

Are Indie Beauty Brands Falling Behind on Sustainability?” On The Green Beauty Conversations podcast Lorraine Dallmeier and Ana Green of Formula Botanica talk about how big beauty and indie beauty brands are responding to demands for sustainability.

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