Sustainable Beauty Roundup: August 10, 2020

Here are some of the best sustainable beauty articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts posted online this past week.

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Not only do ingredients matter, but so does how companies get the ingredients. Spend Matters explains “Why the Sustainable Procurement Movement Matters.” “[This] new stance has meant a thorough vetting of suppliers for fair labor practices, a rethinking of packaging and logistics to maximize the use of recyclables, and taking quantifiable measures to minimize their carbon footprint.”

Meg Unprocessed from ABC10 in Sacramento teaches us how to make a “DIY Dry Shampoo.”

WWD reports “Ursa Major Heads to Ulta; Gains B-Corp Certification.” B Corp Certification means the skincare brand meets high standards in several areas of sustainability, including environmental and social responsibility.

Are you looking to add a little color to your cheeks? Town & Country has rounded up “The 13 Best Cream Blushes for the Most Youthful Glow.” All products listed are natural and in sustainable packaging.

I believe compostable is the closest we can get to “zero-waste.” Allure found “9 Zero-Waste Beauty Products Approved by Mother Nature.” These skin, hair, and makeup products are all compostable, even the biodegradable scrunchies and the reusable Q-Tip.

The Zoe Reports says “Credo’s New Beauty Brand Exa Proves It’s Possible For Makeup To Be Inclusive, Sustainable, & Clean.” Credo Beauty launched its new brand, Exa, with High Fidelity Foundation, a 43-shade foundation.


I love Āether Beauty. Enchanting Oasis also loves this sustainable and ethical makeup brand. She recently created a gorgeous look using the “Āether Beauty Protect Bundle.” This bundle includes the Amethyst Gemstone Palette and the Crystal Charged Ruby Cheek Palette.

Travel Bug Official explains “How To Be a More Conscious Beauty Consumer.”

Go to A Little Rose Dust for 15 “Sustainable Skincare Brands.”

Maison Pur shares “7 Things For August.” It’s mostly skincare, but she also includes an organic hand and surface spray, makeup brushes, and a school lunch suggestion.

Karen MacDonald of Blomma Beauty wrote a guest post on “Beauty Miles – The Truth Behind the Beauty” for the ecoLogical. “Beauty miles takes into account every mile travelled for every ingredient, lid, pump and box and of course the finished product.”


The Green Bunny shares “My Favorite Natural Blushes – Shades and Formulations.”

Find out what Reagan Hart liked and didn’t like in “July 2020: Green Beauty Faves & Flops.”

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