Sustainable Beauty Roundup: July 27, 2020

Here are some of the best sustainable beauty articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts posted online this past week. This week, the beauty experts we’re talking zero waste beauty and recommending low-waste and sustainable products.

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The Independent shares “8 Best Circular Beauty Brands and Products: Treat Your Skin While Shopping Sustainably.” “From coffee to bananas, this new eco-conscious trend is using food waste to pioneer a new approach to cosmetics.”

Head over to Stylist UK and learn about “Small Batch Beauty: Could Scaling Down Be the Key to Sustainability?

Are you looking for a new fragrance? Then check out “My Way: Giorgio Armani Reveals New Sustainable Fragrance Pillar.” The Moodie Davitt Report says, “The new carbon-neutral fragrance is packaged in a refillable bottle format and utilises sustainably-sourced raw materials”

I spend more time researching foundation than any other makeup. Cosmopolitan has made my job a little easier with this list of the “12 Best Natural Foundations That’ll Cover Everything from Acne to Hyperpigmentation.”

If you are looking for more ways to reduce waste, visit Daily Mail for “From Cruelty-Free Body Wash to Luxury Lipsticks and OUAI Shampoo, Seven Refillable Beauty Products to Shop in Plastic Free July.”


Read  “Best of The Best: True Botanicals” to find out way Sarah James from Whoorl loves True Botanicals and which products are her favorite.

Sustainable beauty has a reputation for being expensive. Once again, Maison Pur shows it doesn’t have to be with “A Natural Skincare Routine For Every Budget.”

Looking for a summer-time moisturizer? Green Product Junkie has the “The Lightweights! Light Creams in Green Beauty!

You might think packaging is the only way beauty uses plastic. Unfortunately, many beauty brands also use plastic in their formulas. To find out what to look for, read “An Expert’s Guide to Plastic Ingredients in Beauty #PlasticFreeJuly” by Brighter Shade of Green.

If you’re on the fence about going low-waste, A Little Rose Dust might inspire you to try a new product. She shares what she likes and doesn’t like in “I Tried Zero Waste Beauty Products So You Don’t Have To.”


Watch Reagan Hart do a full face of “Zero Waste Makeup: Erin’s Faces Mascara, Axiology Balmies, Aether Beauty Palette and More!”

You might think cats and makeup don’t mix, but this “Cat Ladies Collab” is here to prove they do! On the Conscious Bee, watch “One Brand Tutorial Feat. Ere Perez.”   Go to TheGreenQueen for “One Brand Tutorial Ft. Clove + Hallow.”   Finally CrueltyFreeVeganBeauty has “One Brand Look Featuring Au Naturale.”

Want more YouTube collaborations? Jhánneu and Sustainably Vegan joined forces to talk about low waste periods. Watch “Sustainably Vegan and I Swapped Period Routines!! ( I had to use a Menstrual Cup!!)” on Jhánneu’s channel and “My Zero Waste Period Routine” on Sustainably Vegan.


Journey to Glow talks “Natural Hair & Skincare with Laila, Founder Wild Seed Botanicals.” Want more Laila and natural hair for black women? Check out her YouTube channel FusionofCultures.

Ethique is one of my favorite brands. The Good Together podcasts talks “Why You Should Go Plastic Free” with Ethique founder Brianne West.

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