How Beauty and the Planet is Different from other Beauty Blogs

1. It focuses on sustainable beauty

There are more than enough beauty blogs in the world. There are also sustainable living blogs that include sustainable beauty. But there are very few blogs that feature sustainable beauty as the main topic.

All product reviews on Beauty and the Planet look into the brand’s sustainability practices and rate the product on sustainability. If the brand uses greenwashing to deceive customers, I will let you know.

2. It is run by an academic librarian

I have a Master’s in Library Science. I have worked in science and academic libraries. Most blogs limit themselves to resources found with Google or other search engines. I know how to access the deep web, online resources you can’t find with Google. I also know the secrets to getting the best results from Google. In fact, I teach Google workshops for college faculty and staff.

3. It looks into the science of product claims

Some beauty products make outlandish claims. Many products claim miracle results. I investigate these claims. Before I accept a claim, I must find results from valid studies. If I am not able to find confirmation in a peer-reviewed, academic journal, I will ask the brand to send me proof for their claims. I will tell you when the science does not backup claims.

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