Sustainable Beauty Brands List

Sustainable Beauty Companies

Our list of sustainable beauty brands is now up. The list was created with just preliminary research so it mostly includes companies that make claims regarding sustainability. I will update it as I research brands individually. I will list brands whose sustainability has been verified first.

The list is organized into 5 categories: makeup, skincare, hair care, body/personal care, and tools. Some brands will be listed under multiple categories.

If you know of any other sustainable beauty companies, please provide them in the comments below. Because I am in the United States, I am currently limiting the list to brands available in the United States. I might add other countries in the future.

The sustainable beauty brands list also includes affiliate links. Beauty and the Planet may earn a fee or commission from purchases made using these links. Our affiliate status will not determine which brands are included. Eventually, only brands whose sustainability has been verified will be listed.

Check the list frequently. It will be updated on a weekly basis.

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