Weekly Roundup May 10, 2020

Sustainable Beauty News

Here are some of the best sustainable beauty articles, videos, and podcasts posted online May 3 – 9, 2020. Let us know what articles and posts you come across; post in the comments.


As if all the terminology wasn’t confusing enough, Elle introduces us to another phrase: “blue beauty.” Their article, “Blue Beauty: Everything You Need To Know About The New Sustainable Beauty,” defines “blue beauty” in a single sentence: “It revolves around the impact packaging has on our marine life, as well as water wastage and limiting the damage we inflict on our oceans.”

Plant Based News reports “Beauty Brand Launches Biodegradable Vegan Seaweed Capsules.” Read about Bolt Beauty’s biodegradable capsules that even dissolve in water.

You remember to eat your vegetables, but do you remember to put them on your face too? BEAUTYcrew explains “Why Veggies Are Taking Over Your Beauty Routine” and recommends several veggie-powered products.

Step 1 in making your beauty routine more sustainable: ditch the disposable makeup wipes. Actually, just don’t buy them; “ditching” is the problem. In “I’ll Never Buy Makeup Wipes Again, Thanks to this $22 Reusable Alternative,” Hello Giggles provides tips on how to get the most out of your reusable makeup rounds.

Blog Postings

I am always on the lookout for something to help with my dark under-eye circles. The Green Product Junkie shares her favorite eye treatments in “EYES: My Picks for the Best Eye Creams + Masks, Too” and I want to try them all!

In “Henné Organics Review,” This Organic Girl interviews Henné Organics* founder Laura Xiao and shares her favorite Henné Organics products.

Anybody who follows the Curly Girl* method can tell you that dry hair is frizzy hair. Hello Glow provides a recipe for a “Conditioning Homemade Anti-Frizz Spray” that just might be what your hair needs. The best part? It needs only 3 ingredients.

On Smells Like a Green Spirit, Liz provides an extensive list of her “Top Products of 2019.”

Videos and Podcasts

The ladies of Fat Mascara interview Zoë Foster Blake, founder of the cruelty-free, carbon neutral, sustainable-palm-oil-advocating skincare brand Go-To.

Watch The Green Belle create a “10 Minute Go-to Summer Makeup” look using a few different ethical brands.

If your up for a challenge, Humblebee and Me will show you “How to Make DIY Self-Preserving Satsuma Shower Gel.

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