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Resources to help you learn more about sustainable beauty

Sustainable beauty. Green beauty. Blue beauty?! It’s actually not as confusing as it sounds. If you’re ready to learn about sustainable beauty, these resources are a good place to starts. A more comprehensive (and organized) list is under construction.

DeFino, Jessica. “How to Adopt a Zero-Waste Beauty Routine.” Hello Giggles, 6 Jan. 2020, https://hellogiggles.com/beauty/zero-waste-beauty-routine/. DeFino explains how zero-waste beauty routine helps the environment and how you can make your routine closer to zero-waste. As DeFino states, “If every single person who reads this article commits to just one low-waste product swap this month, we can make a difference.”

Devash, Meirav. “I Tried a Sustainable Beauty Routine for a Month to See How Easy It Is to Go Green.” Allure, 15 Oct. 2018, https://www.allure.com/story/sustainable-beauty-routine. Devash demonstrates how easy it is switch your current products for more sustainable choices. She confesses, “I’m never going to be a perfect earth mama, but it’s way easier than I thought to reduce the amount of waste I produce.”

Hong, Hana. “5 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making That Are Terrible for the Environment – And How to Fix Them.” Real Simple, 27 Mar. 2020, https://www.realsimple.com/beauty-fashion/makeovers-tips/sustainable-beauty-routine. Green beauty isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are five simple things you can do.

Owens, Beth. “3 Eco-friendly Initiatives For Sustainable Cosmetics Packaging.” noissue., 14 Sept 2019, https://www.noissue.co.nz/blog/3-eco-friendly-initiatives-for-sustainable-cosmetics-packaging/. Owens briefly explains why eco-friendly packaging is important and lists 3 ways cosmetic companies are getting better.

Morosini, Daniela. “How To Spot (And Avoid) Greenwashing In Beauty.” Vogue, 22 Apr. 2019. https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/how-to-spot-and-avoid-greenwashing-in-beauty. Just because a brand claims to be natural, organic, or eco-friendly, doesn’t mean it actually is. This is “greenwashing.” Learn what to watch out for and how to avoid falling for it.

Rayma, Marie. Make It Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care*. Hachette, 2016. Are you the adventurous and craft type? With Rayma’s book you have ultimate control of your skincare and makeup. She provides all the information you need to make your own beauty products, including recipes, suggested equipment, and where to buy ingredients.

Sahota, Amarjit Ed. Sustainability: How the Cosmetics Industry Is Greening Up*. Wiley, 2014. Amarjit Sahota, founder and president of Ecovia Intellegience (formerly Organic Monitor), edited this volume that explains the cosmetic industry’s growing awareness of sustainability and how it is responding to costumer demands. Contributors come from business and academia.

Sicardi, Arabelle. “A Deep Dive into the Confusing World of Sustainable Beauty.” Teen Vogue, 9 Mar. 2020, https://www.teenvogue.com/story/a-deep-dive-sustainable-beauty. An easy-to-read overview of sustainable beauty that includes lots of links and recommends brands that are sustainable and some that are getting into the game. Not really a “deep dive”, but you will learn about green and sustainable beauty.

Sustainable & Ethical Beauty Brands: The Master List.” Sustainable Jungle, n.d., https://www.sustainablejungle.com/best-of-sustainable-beauty/best-ethical-sustainable-beauty-brands. Accessed 4 May 2020. Sustainable Jungle grades beauty and personal care brands on 6 criteria: cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic, palm oil free, ethical sourcing, and thoughtful packaging. So far they have not rated many brands, but they state that more brands will be added.

Quinn, Daley. “Waterless Formulas Are Making Beauty Products More Potent and Sustainable.” Fashionista, 3 Dec. 2019. Quinn explains what waterless beauty means and the benefits. Spoiler Alert: Your skin and the environment benefit.

What is Sustainable Beauty?Beauty and the Planet, 2 July 2020, https://beautyandtheplanet.com/2020/07/02/what-is-sustainable-beauty/. Accessed 9 Oct. 2020. Beauty and the Planet‘s own primer on sustainable beauty.

What questions do you still have? What would you like to learn more about? Let me know in the comments.

Updated October 9, 2020

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